Electrical Safety Services

Preventative Maintenance, Renovations, Repairs

Sunwire cares about the safety of your family and offers an Assessment Service service to householders as a preventative maintenance against electrical disasters. We look at the age of your house, the style of fuse and the presence of circuit breakers. It takes less than a day to give you peace of mind.

Switchboard Assessment

Switchboards are the only thing between you and electrical disaster.

It’s a little known fact that switchboards have a maximum capacity and the more appliances we add into our lifestyle the harder your switchboard has to work. At capacity, a switchboard will overload and short out, or worse ignite or electrocute. It’s important to have your switchboard assessed to determine if it needs an upgrade to cope with a new TV, airconditioner or on a larger scale; Solar Panels.

Wiring and Earthing

The earth wire is a crucial part of the home electrical system and is designed to protect against electric shock by ensuring the electricity will flow to earth by the shortest and easiest path. Usually, the shortest path is through a circuit breaker or fuse, which will break the electrical circuit. The earth wire should help stop electricity passing through your body if you have an electrical accident.

The earth wires from power points join to a main earth wire, which is attached to a metal pipe and/or special metal electrode (metal stake) driven into the ground. It is important that the earth wire is correctly wired and working properly, and that all appliances and building wires are in good condition.

A Sunwire Assessment will identify any issues and provide advice on the best way to solve the problems.

You will never be in the dark with Sunwire.

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